Peach season is here!  The word from the growers is that the blossoms were wonderful and that they are expecting a great crop.  We are working on this years order froms, and will have them available soon.  If we have your email, we will email it to you, and if not we will mail it to your mailing address.          

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From the grower....

Black Bear Orchards takes pride in growing the best peaches, cherries, and wine grapes around.

In total, we operate approximately 140 acres of farmland in Palisade, Colorado.

Black Bear Orchards was established in 2003 in beautiful Palisade by Brian Cox.  It is an offshoot of Rocky Mountain Peach Company, a business started by Brian’s father, John Cox, which has been operating for over 40 years.

Brian grew up farming and started operating his own orchards in 1997.  Palisade fruit is truly extraordinary.  We are blessed with a unique micro-climate that provides hot summer days, and cool summer nights; the perfect recipe for outstanding flavor.  But to achieve the best possible flavor, the fruit must be picked at its prime.  Here at Black Bear Orchards, we patiently wait to harvest until the fruit is at peak ripeness and then move it to our customers as gently and quickly as possible.

Proper Peach Care

Tree ripe peaches are extremely perishable and deserve special attention when it comes to care.  Our peaches should arrive in your hands at varying degrees of ripeness.  In a typical box, a few will be very ripe and will be partially bruised from the journey.  These are probably the best peaches in the box and should be consumed immediately either over a sink or outside to avoid the sticky mess resulting from the juiciness!  Here are a few recommendations that will allow you to get the most satisfaction from our peaches:

The most important thing you can do is sort your peaches and remove the foam divider as soon as you get them home.



  • When you first get your box of peaches, sort them as soon as possible to remove the ripest ones.  This is a simple process. Remove the lid and survey the top layer for peaches that are bruising; remove those to a convenient place for expedient consumption. Gently feel the rest of the top layer for other soft peaches immediately ready to eat.  Separate the ones that are immediately ready to eat from those that are firmer on the top layer.
  • Remove the foam separator between the top and bottom layer and repeat the above actions with the second layer.
  • Then, REFRIGERATE softer peaches if they will not be consumed right away.  Leave the firmer ones out at room temperature to soften up; once these peaches soften, they should be refrigerated as well to reduce the chance of spoilage.

As with any fruit, please wash before consuming.  Enjoy!